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180 Physical Therapy is now offering “Telehealth” services for both new and existing patients. In these visits, I will join you on a video call either on your phone or tablet/computer and will be able to see and talk with you about your condition. I’ll have you do movements that I will demonstrate to assess your abilities and instruct you on intervention strategies, an exercise program tailored to your condition as well as other self-care techniques. Using live video for physical therapy services is very effective in treating most conditions.

If you are not comfortable with video conferencing, other forms of communication including phone consults and email are also available. We have been converting the majority of our patients to these services until this pandemic passes as we try to limit our on-site physical therapy to those patients who require urgent or post-operative care.

Additionally, these telehealth services are now being covered by most major insurances due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We continue to try to do our part in preventing the spread of this illness and Telehealth is a very effective way to mitigate risk to both our patients and staff.

Furthermore, Telehealth consults with a physical therapist can help minimize the strain on our hospitals and physician offices so we ask all patients with a musculoskeletal condition who may be considering going to the emergency room or their family physician to contact us first for a telehealth consultation. No physician prescription is required to initiate physical therapy and we will be able to properly screen you to determine if emergency care/PCP consult is required or if physical therapy would be of benefit.

If you have specific questions about how telehealth can help with your particular condition, I am happy to discuss the specifics.