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Aquatic Therapy

180 Physical Therapy offers private, state-of-the-art Aquatic Therapy with Underwater Treadmill.

The unique features of our customized commercial Endless Pool allow us to treat a wide population of patients ranging from sports medicine to geriatrics. The variable speed, integrated underwater treadmill allows for the patient to perform walking or running when not able to be tolerated on land because of injury/pain/dysfunction.

Another unique feature of our pool is the option to watch yourself walk or run on a large screen TV via our underwater video system. This allows the patient to experience immediate visual feedback of their walking or running technique and correct any abnormalities such as a limp or foot drag. Additionally, the Endless Pool swim current provides extra resistance during exercises or with walking/running in order to further increase strength and endurance.

Our pool is heated to 93 degrees and is located in a private room with one-on-one, individualized care. Patients can wear swimsuits or shorts/t-shirts. A shower is available in the pool room and a private locker room/dressing area is located adjacent to the pool. A hydraulic lift is available for patients who are unable to utilize stairs.


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