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ImPACT™ – Concussion Management Program

Concussion Baseline Testing

As you prepare for the upcoming sports season, be sure you take the necessary steps to protect your most valuable asset… your BRAIN.

A baseline concussion test is your first step to protecting your brain.

180 Physical Therapy is proud to announce its state-of-the-art Online Concussion Management Program featuring the ImPACT™ baseline testing. Whether you play sports professionally or at the junior-high level, you need to take advantage of this unique program in order to help you return to play if you sustain a concussion during your career.

Ask our therapist for details and how to schedule an appointment. The test takes approximately 20 minutes and is administered on a computer in our clinic. The cost of the test is $20 and is not covered by insurance.

If you suffer a concussion, a post-concussion test can be administered through a local neurologist / neuropsychologist and the baseline results will be forwarded to them for comparison. The post-concussion test is typically covered under most insurance plans.

Please click on the following link for more information about ImPACT™:

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