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Sportsmetrics™ – ACL Prevention Program

180 Physical Therapy is proud to offer sports injury screening through Cincinnati Sports Medicine’s Sportsmetrics™ program. As part of our effort to provide innovative outreach programs to the community, 180 Physical Therapy is offering athletes a FREE video analysis that will screen those who are possibly at risk for ACL injury. This screening utilizes the latest software to analyze an athlete’s jumping/landing technique in order to determine mechanical deficiencies associated with knee injuries. Once the report is generated, you will have a better understanding if sport-specific training is recommended and how it can be implemented. Sportsmetrics™ training is the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes.

John DeAngelo, founder of 180 Physical Therapy, is a certified instructor in the Sportsmetrics™ program and will be offering individual/team training in the future. Until we offer this training, athletes who demonstrate a risk for injury will be forwarded to the Sportsmetrics™ website where they can purchase videos for training and have John explain the different phases of progression.

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